Benefits of DHWA Courses

All of the Academy’s courses are:

  • Competency-based and pragmatic. We impart knowledge that can be applied immediately in health workplaces to create new opportunities and overcome challenges.
  • Targeted. We address specific audiences and issues, based on experience and ongoing feedback about the things that today’s health workforce needs to know.
  • Cost-effective. We deliver extensive and contemporary knowledge and supporting resources at low cost, through targeting and online service delivery.
  • Self-paced. We understand that many people in health do not work routine hours. You can fit our courses into your schedules, rather than having to fit ours.
  • Available through a variety of channels – computers, tablets and smart phones. Access tem anywhere you have a broadband connection.
  • Globally relevant.

Our value to:

  • The health workforce is ease of acquisition of digital skills and knowledge – pre-requisites for the future, starting now.
  • People new to or wishing to enter the health workforce is rapid upskilling – eliminating an important barrier to entry.
  • Employers is staff and agents appropriately skilled, quickly. Our courses are focused on real workplace needs, including rapid deployment, not an academic platform.

No matter where you work in the health sector, you will soon be working digitally if you are not already.

It’s not enough to know how to use systems and apps.

Being part of the digital health workforce means knowing how to take advantage of digital opportunities and overcome digital challenges in some of the most complex organizations on the planet. In a life and death industry.

It means being able to solve problems creatively in a digital world.

It means using digital technologies to keep patients and the public safe and healthy in a world awash with data, information and knowledge.

The Digital Health Workforce Academy is your lifelong partner in the future of health care.